If an ONNO jewel does not meet your expectations for whatever reason, it may always be returned, with the exception of gold jewelery. You will always receive the purchase price minus the transport costs already incurred (Belgium and the Netherlands 7.50 € and the other countries 15 €) within three working days after receiving your return.

Our return deadline is 7 days to report online return plus 7 days before shipment, totaling 14 days.

A jewel that could not be ordered as standard, but specially tailored can  never be  returned.

To avoid misuse, all our jewels are shipped with a security label. Removing this label will invalidate your return right. Our rings, necklaces and bracelets contain a label that is attached in a visible place. This label will not prevent you from fitting the jewel, but by removing this label your return right will lapse and you accept your purchase.

Of all our ear studs, earhooks and creoles one piece is always delivered to fit and view and one piece in a transparent sealed sealed mini bag. When you remove this stamp, your right to return also expires.

18K gold jewelery will not be refunded. For this you will receive a voucher of the purchase price minus the transport costs already incurred. 

If I want to exchange the ordered jewel, is that possible? 

If the ONNO jewel does not satisfy you but you have seen another jewel with which you want to exchange it, for example the article in a different size, or just something else. You can report back the jewel that does not satisfy via mail 


When removing the safety label and / or the seal on the transparent sealed mini-grit bag, the jewel can no longer be exchanged.